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Or, everything there is to know about Books-On-Line.

Books-On-Line is a new company oriented to exploring the capabilities possible with the development and wide spread acceptance of the internet.

Card Catalog

Books-On-Line provides a directory, an electronic on-line card catalog if you will, of all known books available on line over the Internet. Several thousand titles are available from the classics to some of the latest fiction and non-fiction titles. This magnet content is provided at no cost and allows the interested reader access to an almost unbelievable library at no cost.


As part of the new paridigm, Books-On-Line provides an opportunity for authors, new or old to publish new books quickly and efficiently. There are no editors to review and select or reject a book. Books-On-Line operates almost like a public utility - if there is a book available, Books-On-Line is willing to publish it -- and for FREE. New authors now have another option available besides convincing a mainstream paper publisher to publish their book, or from resorting to the vanity press where the author has to pay all the costs himself. Note the section Publish Mine that is available from our front page.


Books-On-Line also publishes a newsletter that announces new books as they become available. These are a combination of on-line books and books that are available as "planar processed cellulose information retreival systems, i.e. books.

Tracking New Trends

A new and trend in conventional publishing is to put all or part of the book on line on line in hopes of attracting more buyers to the printed copy. As examples see Philip Greenspun's Web Book and David Weber's On Basilisk Station.

-- More --

More information on the evolving nature of Books-On-Line will follow as the future of internet publishing developes.

And -- It will be worth your while to visit the section of our web called Our Goals.

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