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The United States Air Force operates a large and extensive training program. And with training comes papers: Papers written by students, Papers written by staff, Papers written by consultants. These papers do not represent the official view of the Air Force but most of them are written by serving officers who certainly reflect thoughts within the professional Air Force or other services.

The Air Force's Air University has published 5820 papers (as of October 27, 2010). To be sure, some of the papers are, shall we say, of limited interest. I don't think that "Fatigue Behavior of a Quasi-isotropic Graphite/Epoxy Laminate Embedded with a Piezoelectric Sensor" is ever going to make it to the NY Time best seller list. If you're really into Einsteinian physics you might want to try "Investigation of Gravity Waves Via the Rotational Temperature of Hydroxyl Nightglow." Some though are pretty interesting. Not knowing your particular interests I've written a specialized search routing to identify certain areas that just might tweak your interest:

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World War I & II P-51 B-17 B-24
F-22 F-15 F-16 B-52
The Pacific Osprey Luftwaffe Air Force 2010
Space Force 2020 F-18 Terrorist Women
Space Unmanned Aerial Vehicles German C-17/C-130/C-141
Iran/Iraq Information Leadership Civil War
Korea Vietnam Gulf War Warfighter
2025 Desert Storm Aircraft Carrier Soviet
Media Computer Weapons of Mass Destruction Cruise Missiles
Army Marine Navy B-2
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