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Books-On-Line Search Rules

AND, OR, and NOT are treated as operators not words. AND takes precedence over OR, thus [a OR b AND c] will be evaluated as [a OR (b AND c)] unless parenthesis are added.

Partial words will NOT find the word, thus micros will NOT find Microsoft, but micros* will find Microsoft.

The query string IS NOT case sensitive when the search string is entered all upper or lower case, thus microsoft WILL find Microsoft.

The query string IS case sensitive when the search string is entered upper and lower case, thus The WILL NOT find the.

?Specifies a single alphanumeric character.
*Specifies any number of alphanumeric characters.
[]Specifies one of any character in a set, thus sl[iau]m
will find slim, slam, and slum.
{}Specifies a pattern within a set, thus hoist{s,ing}
will find hoists and hoisting but not hoisted.
^Specifies a character NOT in a set, thus sl[^ia]m
will find slum but not slim or slam.
-Specifies a range of characters in a set, thus c[a-r]t
will find every word beginning with c and ending in t
which contains any letter from a to r.

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