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newbooksinprint - Goals and Procedures
www.newbooksinprint.com is a web site that displays announcements of new books that are published. It is provided at no charge to the publishers or to the visitor. Publishers may enter information about books that they publish (or books that they have on their back list). The information about the book is displayed on the site and sent to a Mailing List of the people who have requested receiving an E-Mail notice of new books being published.

These E-Mailings are to a list of people who have specifically requested being informed about newly published titles. You can find the form for entering E-Mail addresses on the home page. E-Mail is not being sent to a random list or a compiled list of people with little or no known interest in books (which may soon become illegal). What better list of people can be found than those who have requested being informed about your new books.

Revenue to operate the site comes from site visitors or E-Mail recipients who subsequently order the book from Amazon.com.

Relationship with Books-On-Line
www.newbooksinprint.com and www.Books-On-Line.com operate as sister sites. newbooksinprint lists books once and provides an E-Mail notification to subscribers. newbooksinprint is timely and up to date. Books-On-Line subsequently catalogs books that have been listed on newbooksinprint and provides an extensive search capability to enable site visitors to easily find books by searching on author, title, key words, subject area or popularity. Books-On-Line subsequently provides a long lasting "card catalog" that enable site visitors to find books they want at any later time.

newbooksinprint and Books-On-Line share a common set of databases. Once a book is entered into the database, it is available to visitors to either site and the notification E-Mail is sent out. Book publishers are allowed, even encouraged to enter their titles into the sites, at no charge.

New Marketing Philosophies
Books-On-Line under its own initiative seeks out and enters information about books that are made available in on-line downloadable form by various organizations. This action, consistent with the 'FREE' orientation of the internet, provides both a public service, and a magnet content to attract readers to the site. Book publishers who make available on line versions of their titles (As an example see: Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing) or who offer sample chapters as teasers (Example: Honor Among Enemies) are encouraged to enter the URL of the on line information as well as the ISBN so that interested readers can read what they want on line and order the book if they so wish.

This is an important new marketing tool being used by more and more publishers. Analogous to the reader sitting down in the book store and getting interested in the book, this offers an entire new concept in book marketing. If the reader is interested in knowing 'who did it' or needs the book for reference he buys it.

What you the publisher can do
First, you can list your books here. We'll help you publicize your titles and at no cost. Is this going to be the absolute end all in getting the word out – by no means. Is it going to be cost effective – there's basically no cost. Any effectiveness at all will be worthwhile.
Second, you can do some on line marketing yourself, i.e. make a few chapters available on your web site, or if you don't have one, we'll let you use ours. Contact us using our Feedback Form.

What we will then do
We will, like we said, list your book on our web site as a new title, send an announcement by E-Mail to everyone on our list who has requested to be informed about new books, and catalog your title.

Help with this particular page.
If you have already been issued a password, please enter it in the space provided. We will then take you to what we have stored in our database about your company. You can change any of this information, including your password if you like.

If you do not have a password, please enter the name of your company. If we don't have that name in our database, we'll ask you to tell us the address and a bit more information about your company and allow you to select a password.

The use of a password is to prevent your competitors from changing any of the information about your company or your books. If you've forgotten your password, please use our Feedback Form to tell us and we'll respond by E-Mail. If the E-Mail address you give us on the Feedback Form is different than the E-Mail address in the information about your company, please explain why.

A Note on Passwords Passwords are a pain. But the Internet is an open system. Anyone can get to here. If anyone could go further, the information you enter could be deliberately altered by that person, either just for fun or maliciously. Here are some hints on designing a password that is both easy to remember and very hard to break. First some Don'ts:

Don't use the kids name or the dogs or your spouse's name.
Don't use your company name or any part of your address.
Don't use anything people are likely to know about you.

Think up a word you can remember -- something memorable to you only, perhaps a word like Chinatown.
Transform the word into a password by following some simple rules that would only be meaningful to you. For instance:
Change the Capitalization: ChinaTown
Slide the Capitalization over: cHinatoWn
Change letters that look like numbers into numbers, for instance the letter "i" can be come the number "1" and "o" can become zero "0": cH1nat0Wn
Who'd guess that, but it would be easy for you to remember.

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