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Game Engine Design and Implementation

Alan Thorn

Dewey Subject Code: 006
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Part of the new Foundations of Game Development Series! Almost every video game on the market today is powered by a game engine. But, what is a game engine? What does it do? How are they useful to both developers and the game? And how are they made? These, and other important engine related questions, are explored and discussed in this book. In clear and concise language, this book examines through examples and exercises both the design and implementation of a video game engine. Specifically, it focuses on the core components of a game engine, audio and sound systems, file and resource management, graphics and optimization techniques, scripting and physics, and much more. Suitable for students, hobbyists, and independent developers, this no-nonsense book helps fine tune an understanding of solid engine design and implementation for creating games that sell.

In the early days of simple games you didn’t spend much time thinking about game engines, indeed they didn’t exist and the programmer had to do everything from scratch. This is no longer the case as games have gotten more complex, the computers used to play them are much more powerful so that the overhead of an engine is not so important, and through the use of an available engine the designer/programmer can produce a complex game much faster. This is an excellent book on what gaming engines do. You could use to design your own engine, but more importantly, by knowing at least the elements of game engine design you have a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the various engines that are available.

Gaming engines have a language all their own. What, for instance, does the following description of the Bullet engine mean to you? "Bullet is a free, open source, and cross-platform physics SDK featuring both Soft and Rigid body physics, collision detection, sensors, joints, and more." Why would you use Bullet rather than OPAL or PhysX or one of the others? By knowing some of the details about what gaming engines do, you can pick between them saving programming time and producing a better gaming experience. That’s the strength of this book.

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