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Art of Assembly Language Programming

Randall Hyde

Dewey Subject Code: 005
Description:  – Information about this book has been viewed 11561 times, 8 times previously this month.
Between this book and the A86 compiler I'm teaching myself Assembler programming by the method of write some code and see how it works. It goes quite well; everything that has stumped me I've been able to answer with this text. So as a reference I recommend it. As a conventional text, something to read from start to finish, not so good; it drowns you in an ocean of details. I started with it like that and gave up in despair for about 3 months. The author seems far more interested in the internal engineering of the PC and its machine language and interface with the operating system than with Assembler itself. All of these concerns are dumped on you at the same time, with the intent of teaching you to write optimal code (in terms of machine execution). They may be valid concerns, but the effect is very intimidating and off-putting. And Assembler is not at all like that. In itself it is very easy to learn and write code in. You can write perfectly acceptable programs using only 20 or so instructions, and once you are comfortable using it you can build on that base to your heart's content, there is so much of it to investigate. Assembler is easy to learn by doing, this book is a great reference text for it, and the A86 manual is really helpful once you get into it. This Description by: graham lawrence, eugene, OR
Comment By: butt – lahore, pakistan – July 5, 2001, 08:36
good book
Comment By: A.A Mughal – Karachi, Pakistan – June 24, 2003, 12:16
This Book Seems to be a GOOD book for the better understanding and grasp on ASSEMBLY, bcz i've heard alot but now finally i came to know that each and every thing is expalind in deltails, which gives a better concept. This book is also preferred by our teacher Nasir Danial, i hope i'll make most of it.

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