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Why We Link to - Barnes & Noble - Abe Books and Hope You Use the Links

This site is free to all users. And while a lot of people think that the internet should be entirely free, there are costs associated with it: there's bandwidth, there're servers to buy and maintain, there's electricity. Truly free sites are supported by university/Government organizations or by advertising.

Books-On-Line is not university/Government supported. I've paid the bills myself as a hobby.

Now that I'm retiring, I'd like to get at least enough out of this to cover its direct expenses.

One thing I've done is come up with some programming that will automatically go to Amazon to get their listings of new books. I'm going to list them in the daily newsletter and at the bottom of the book display page. To my knowledge, no one else pulls these new titles off the web and displays them in a simple format. So this is a new service that I hope you like

If you click on a title, it will take you to If you order from the first page you get at Amazon we get three times the commission than if you order from subsequent pages.

Finally, if you are simply going to Amazon for something else, like buying a new computer or camera or whatever, if you go to amazon from our link we get a commission. There's a link on the page up above, where it says Printed Books In Association with: - Barnes & Noble - Abe Books If you use these whenever you go to their sites, we'll get a small commission and you will pay no more.

Recently Released Books

This list was prepared on 4/18/14 at 01:12:01

1. Skinny Meals: Everything You Need to -- Bob Harper -- $15.79
2. Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt -- Michael Lewis -- $16.77
3. Fault in Our Stars -- John Green -- $8.15
4. I Quit Sugar: Your Complete 8-Week De -- (Nutritionist) Sarah Wilson -- $15.89
5. Confidence Code: The Science and -- Claire Shipman -- $16.79
6. Minecraft: Redstone Handbook: An Offi -- Scholastic -- $6.79
7. Brunette Ambition -- Lea Michele -- $13.91
8. Divide: American Injustice in the -- Matt Taibbi -- $15.26
9. Last Days of Jesus: His Life and -- Bill O’Reilly -- $11.69
10. Smart Money Smart Kids: Raising the N -- Dave Ramsey -- $14.99
11. Target (Will Robie) -- David Baldacci -- $17.08
12. Pigeon Needs a Bath! -- Mo Willems -- $11.27
13. Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefinin -- Arianna S. Huffington -- $15.60
14. Hungry Girl Diet: Big Portions. B -- Lisa Lillien -- $15.27
15. Collector -- Nora Roberts -- $16.43
16. Curriculum: Everything You Need t -- Stanley Bing -- $25.82
17. Egg: A Culinary Exploration of the Wo -- Michael Ruhlman -- $36.00
18. Gone Girl: A Novel -- Gillian Flynn -- $9.65
19. Blood Magick: Book Three of The Cousi -- Nora Roberts -- $9.99
20. Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unse -- Edwin E. Catmull -- $16.80

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